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Weymouth cottaging really doesn't get any better.....well other than getting a good fucking afterwards .........

what a hell of a result today has been !!! I'd been chatting to this Dorset gay guy and we arranged to meet at a local place he told mew about in Weymouth just along from Preston Beach Road  - apperently theres a couple of places both pretty private

I drove there and he was already there so heading off I took no time before and after some groping he dropped his pants / shorts and I started sucking him and getting my greedy lips around his very FAT cock – I love sucking cock and he was delicious. I sucked and wanked for sometime and we saw another guy had turned up wanking off, so I offered a b/j after I'd finished.

He walked over standing behind the guy and rubbed his cock in his ass crack, I started to fondled him before standing in front so I could suck both at once, this really was turning out to be an interesting meet, then another guy turned up and was wanking off whilst playing voyeur and watching us from a distance.

After sucking them both one pulled out from my mouth whilst left me sucking off the first guy and sucking him and wanking him he soon shot his load into my mouth and fuck was he delicious. He moved on and I thanked him for pointing out this Dorset cottaging location and left I then turned to one of the other guys and sucked him a while, until he'd had enough I don’t know if he came or not, but he did taste good

"Weymouth / Dorset :- anyone want to meet for cottaging sex? I love sex outdoors and even given the chance of meeting a guy indoors would much sooner enjoy sucking, fucking meets at some of the lessor known Dorset cottaging meets. I'm 32 slim and gay although more than happy to meet with bi males. Drop me a line and I'll give you details as to where I'll be

One left now and I was going to make the most of him, but he warned me that he was close to cumming (good, I told him). so sucked him til he came yum yum 3 cum loads so far and still going strong LOL. We walked not before pointing over to another part of field where some guys where apprently looking for a cum slut.........sounds just right

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I walked over and at first nothing but then soon found a guy and had his cock in my mouth, but this guy tasted different, nice but as I enjoy the feeling as a guy’s body convulses when he starting to cum I sucked him hard and his body thrust his cock harder into my mouth and then started to fuck my mouth cumming shortly afterwards l

The weather turned on me so left and drove to another Dorset dogging location I knew where gay guys hung out and parking up a truck followed me and pulled up and after the normal looks and usual shyness and he came to my car window and pulling down my shorts showed off my cock into view.

I could tell he was interested but then another car pulled in and this spooked him so walked away leaving me to wank off alone thinking about the 3 past guys I'd sucked off earlier on. I left the car park after cumming and if you live around the Dorset region and fancy meeting up just read my profile and drop me a line




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