Doing Gay Contacts Ads  

Writing Gay Profiles Ads Make Your Gay Ad stand OUT!!!

So you've decided to give us a go now you need to think about your ad!! Before you start working on any profiles or ads check out what the other guys are saying as this will give you some great ideas and hopefully stop you making some mistakes like just posting "Gay guy looking for FUCK" and as hard as it is to believe some of our ads just say that!!!

  • First thing you will be asked is to choose a username, so you may want to put a little thought behind this and remember this is the FIRST thing anyone sees so make it one that jumps out, but is also memorable - in a good way.
  • Be honest, tell people about yourself remembering if they contact you and you are not 6'2 with a 10" cock they'll soon be off and no one likes being conned, so be truthful.
  • Tell people what you want! Don't just say 'here for anything' or contact me for a chat' - tell members what you're looking for and if you're only looking for a fuck buddy say that! At least this way everyone knows where they stand from the start but also don't waffle on for ages otherwise guys will soon get fed up and move onto another profile, even more so if you've not posted any photos...
  • Photos, don't forget to post some profile photos in fact the more the better!
  • Tell guys about your interests and fantasies - if you're into outdoor sex and cottaging let them know.
  • Cock-ups, and I'm not referring to your date tonight, if you make a mistake don't worry you can always go back later and change it and edit your profile information - except for your username, once you choose that you are stuck with it!


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