Local Gay Cottaging Locations  

Local Cottaging Locations & Cruising

Cottaging predates the now common dogging and this is often referred to as cruising within the gay community! Whatever you call it don't we all just enjoy having sexual encounters with strangers in public?

Cottaging is defined as the gay act of having sex in a public lavatory with the term being predominantly British derived from a 'cottage' being a small free-standing building that houses public toilets. In the USA lavatories used for this purpose are sometimes called Tea Rooms!!

We are busy making a list of known cottaging locations but as there are so many and our time is limited we need your help! So if you are into the cottaging & gay cruising scene let us know your favourite spots and give a review for the list and we'll post the directory here:

Your anonymity is totally guaranteed and we will not include your name or email details within the review.

Get down to your local glory hole but remember outdoor sex should still be safe sex!


Gay 1977
I'm a fit and good looking gay bottom looking for one off sex encounters and love to meet in toilets for quick fucks & blow jobs [ more ]

smooth boy
I'm love being used by strangers so contact me if you want a plaything for a good hard fuck with your big hard cock! [ more ]

southern pride
I'm a straight looking guy but love nothing more than to give or receive a good blow job and I know some good glory holes! [ more ]

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